EHHHHH ???. WTH, The Orange Adveture Xmas no WIN ?????

2010-01-30 16:04:21 by FFAAGG00T

WTH Tom,
Price: First in the day.

And animations: Snowfall and Snowball. win ???. Fk u too. This is crap. Eat my Shit. Fk u everyday.

Jazza with the POOR animation of Chritsmas. With Only Names: Voice: Egoraptor - The-Swain - TomFulp.

Only Names. The animatións is a sh1t. Very Short. This is crap and other animations can win. No u stupid selection how... A spam of the Bug. Orange Adventure Xmas


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2010-02-06 20:28:30

You are fucking retarded.

FFAAGG00T responds:

Epic. Superior for suck cocks.


2010-02-07 00:31:31

What the hell are you talkin' about?


2011-01-21 05:02:55

Poor language! Your username speaks what you are! heheheh. You always say bad words! How about everyone in newgrounds say bad words and ban you out! You've been a bad girl! People like you don't have what it takes to be here! MWA HA HA HA !


2011-01-21 05:03:39

P.S. your picture is ugly.